The Festive Season has arrived and here’s how you can have fun while Social Distancing!

Winter is here and this time of the year is marked with holiday festivities. The little ones now have enough time for play as winter vacations commence and the bells of Christmas and New Year’s come ringing.

However, 2020 has not been like other years and there are a lot of rules that we should maintain to stay safe and healthy.

But does that mean we don’t have fun? Of course not!

Which is why we have brought you a few ideas to make merry while social distancing so that you can end the year with a festive bang.

Ready to find out what they are? Let’s take a look

1. Of cookies and cakes

Winter is the official bake season and if you wear mittens for other reasons than cold then now is the time to show-off. Gather your family and friends over video call and have a bake meet and greet or competition.

Pick your favourite cake or cookie recipe, set up a timer, and start baking together over video call. Find a helper among your children to make things more fun and participative.

After the baking is over, make a collage of all the dishes by everyone in the competition and upload it on social media for some festive fun.

2. Christmas Movie Night

Whether you are staying alone or with family, a Christmas themed movie night is always a cheer up!

Get the full movie theater experience by setting up a projector or go for a watch party with friends. Amazon Prime Video now allows you watch movies with friends together and you can do the same on Netflix by downloading the Netflix Party extension on your browser.

Not only can you watch your movies in sync but also chat with friends during.

3. Pick up a hobby

Did you always think to yourself that you could do so much more only if you had time?

Well, now you do. So, don’t hold yourself back at all.

Whether it is the dust gathered guitar on one corner of your room or the camera bag in your closet, now is the time to let them out. Just don’t go overboard with expectations.

Maybe click a few candids in the house or learn an easy song on the internet. Little things often go a long way.

4. Host your virtual Christmas or New Year Party

Don’t want to miss out on the fun because of social distancing?

Then why feel shy to host a Christmas or New Year Party virtually. Make amazing invites online and send them to your friends. Pick a dress code and menu, get things ready, and have the time of your life over good food and fine wine while chatting about the good ol’ days.

Did it not already bring a smile to your face?

5. Find your motivational group

Now let’s be honest for a moment – with 2021 knocking on our door, new year resolutions are just about to reveal themselves on 1st January and become obsolete by the 10th.

Or can it go another way?

Yes, of course. With gyms closing down due to the pandemic, most people have resorted to working out at home. Even with its many downsides, it is effective and needs minimum effort to stay on track.

So why don’t you make a pact with your friends’ group and come together to motivate each other and workout on video call. This way you are not only going to save money on a trainer but also lose that extra holiday weight that you gained from all the cake eating.

6. Learn to cook

If you don’t already, now is as good a time as any.

Cooking is a creative endeavor that titillates the senses of smell, vision, and touch. It sparks passion and out-of-the-box thinking to achieve just the right flavour.

Learning how to cook can not only be a major stress buster but also teach you a thing or two about focus and patience, things we need to excel in our regular lives.

And you don’t even have to stick to the obvious dishes. Challenge yourself to experiment with different world cuisines and find out what makes you happy and sparks joy in your tastebuds.

7. Host a Karaoke Party or Board Game Night

Board games and Karaoke have always been a lot of fun. But can you really manage to do it virtually?

Absolutely. Host your Karaoke night with your family and friends – here’s a step-by-step guide on how to arrange it by WIRED.

Don’t feel like you are much of a singer? Then go for a board game night. Declare yourself the host to an evening of Bingo, Monopoly, Scrabble, and so many other games you can find online with ease.

8. Build yourself a Lego City

If you enjoy making things and paying attention to detail, then picking up a Lego project may be just the holiday fun you need.

Order Lego bricks online and delve into making a planned city with your child. It’s fun, requires patience and planning, and can last for days.

And guess what? At the end of it all, you have the opportunity to share it online and show your family and friends just what great builders you are!

9. Deliver Happiness with Secret Santa

Christmas is not the same without gifts.

And while 2020 may not allow you to go to the party and deliver it yourself, a game of secret santa can definitely bring smiles to everyone’s faces.

Send your friends and family an email to participate and tell them whose secret Santa they are going to be. You can make things even more interesting by asking everyone to suggest gift options they would want under a budget and then pass it on to their Secret Santa.

Once everyone receives the gifts, have a video call session together to open them and guess who was their Santa.

10. Watch an online stand-up comedy

They say laughter is the best medicine and 2020 has left no arguments against it.

Then why not join your friends and family to a virtual stand-up comedy show? Yes, it will not be the same as a live show, but it’s still a whole lot of fun.

And if you are feeling extra courageous then pick one of the crowdwork shows and watch your favourite comedian find material in your mundane lockdown lives!

Definitely sounds fun.

These are our suggestions on how to have fun during the Winter break and festive season while maintaining social distance. Think we missed something that can be equally good if not better?

Tell us in the comments below on how you plan to make the most of this holiday break.

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